Updated 12/1 Wanderers brought great honor to the club both out on the race course and in the trenches at the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23.

The Wanderers ran the course, set up the water tables at the 18/22 mile mark, handed out water, cleaned up, and managed to have a good time in the process.

Bob Reynolds sped around the marathon in 2:55:39 to finish in second in his 50-plus age category and 135th out of more than 8,000 runners.

Cee Heard competed as a stealth runner and finished in an impressive 
4:17.   By the time, Cee decided to run in the marathon, the race was 
already sold out. “It was kind of a last minute decision.” Resourceful 
Cee went on Craig’s List and bought her entry bib from an entrant who 
had become injured and could not run the race.  Cee ended up running 
the race under the name Rachel Peck.

Other excellent performances were turned in by Paul Hines who finished in 3:15:21 which was good for 24th place in the over 50 category; Bob Alig who was time in 3:44:22; and Wanderers friend and Chestnut Hill Academy teacher Dan Brewer in 3:32:04.

Although it will not show up in any race results, the Wanderers put in a massive performance at the 18/22 mile water station out on the course. More than 20 Wanderers staffed the water table, with help provided by members of the New Freedom Striders, Penncrest School, Germantown Friends School, and Friends Central School.

Wanderers set up shop at 7 am, and the water station was not closed down until 1 pm. The Wanderers were tasked to set up the tables, unload all supplies, pour thousands of cups of water and Gatorade, serve the thousands of cups of water and Gatorade to the runners, and then clean up the site. Everyone was a star.

But Bob Reynolds might have been just a little bit more of a star. Once he completed his run out on the course, he returned to the water table to hand out water to runners. Unbelievable! A big thanks to all Wanderers for volunteering and for taking care of all business at the water table.

To top it off, Chris and Polly gave a great Marathon party later in the day at their Roxborough home. The Wanderers had a lot to celebrate!!


Jimbo devised a self-pouring
devise that freed him up to
tend to other things.


Chris helped set up before the
masses of runners arrived.

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