The Wanderers have posted some incredible performances during the past year out on the roads and trails of the Delaware Valley. Now is the time for Wanderers to show they can excel in support as well as performance. The Wanderers will be operating a water station at the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23.

As usual, the Wanderers have selected the toughest assignment, the water station at the 18/22 mile mark (the course is out and back at this point in the race which is why the water table serves runners at the two distances). Pain levels are very high, and energy levels low for many runners at this stage in the race which is why support is so critical. Enter the Wanderers. We will be handing out gator aid and water to the runners as well as providing vocal support (which actually means a lot at this point).

We need about 40 volunteers to operate this water table properly. The crunch time is roughly at the three hour to four hour mark in the race, namely 11 am to noon. That is when the most runners will be passing our table going in both directions. At that point, it is all hands on deck. Please send me an email to sign up as a volunteer.

Volunteers will be needed to set up the water table beginning at 7 am, and to clean up ending at 2 pm. We will accept any amount of time you can provide between these hours. But we especially need you during the crunch time of 11 am to noon. Sign up for an hour or two, or go hard core and sign up for the entire time. We welcome not just Wanderers, but all runners to help out. Please contact me if you have questions.

By the way, volunteers do get some swag for their efforts. The Philadelphia Marathon will supply hoody sweat shirts to all volunteers who sign up in advance. We have operated this water station for several years with the exception of last year when we took time off. It is actually a lot of fun (so long as the weather cooperates), and the runners really appreciate our help.

We also can help cheer on Bob Reynolds as he runs the marathon. The Trail Master will be adapting his running skills to the road, and we need to help him along as he tries to beat three hours.

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