While Wanderers in Philadelphia are dealing with chilly temps in the 40s and below another lucky Wanderer, Susannah Grosso, a.k.a Scrappy, a.k.a The Human Rocket, a.k.a Little Philly Girl is down in Florida trying to cope with temps in the 70s. Geez, that must be tough to handle.

On November 15th, Susannah Grosso – now known in Florida as the “little Philly girl” – participated in the 13th Annual Fantasy of Lights 5K, a USATF-certified course in Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, FL.

Over 1,800 runners participated in this nighttime event, and Susannah ran with a Dunkin’ Donuts-sponsored group. The Great One fully supports any running group that is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts.

(When she realized her DD race shirt was about ten sizes too big, Susannah decided to sport her Temple shirt and represent, Philly-style.)

The course was flat, curvy and adorned with effulgent, life-sized Christmas displays to get runners into the holiday spirit – something hard to do when temperatures at this time of year average mid-70.

At the sound of the gun, Susannah tried her best to find her footing among the hundreds of runners and finished with an “unofficial” time of 20:39 (she says “unofficial” because the race times were not adjusted for when runners actually stepped on the timing pad). Even so, she placed 1st in her age group and was the 6th woman overall. And the prize? A picture frame and a $20 gift certificate to a local running shoe company.