Report by Polly Jansen

Photo gallery added 10/21

October 11th and 12th was quite a weekend for the Wissahickon Wanderers who made terrific showings in 4 different races!

Southwest Center City Rock ‘n Roll 5k

First up was the inaugural Southwest Center City Rock ‘n Roll 5k on 10/11 which helped raise money for a new park in the area. Our own Tammy Leigh, aka Dimples Dement represented well, while on the job no less, with a time of 25:35.

Dark and Dirty 6.66 mile Nighttime Trail Run

Next up was the Dark and Dirty 6.66 mile Nighttime Trail Run which had a 7pm start. Yes, race director Ron Horn rose to a new level of crazy with this not-so-bright idea! A total of 357 dim runners participated in the inaugural event wearing headlamps, reflective vests and various other articles of illumination. Tough-as-nails Tammy Leigh was sporting a scraped knee & jammed finger at the end (all in a day’s work), but all-in-all the Wanderers managed to pull through fairly unscathed. Chris Verry led the way with a time of 56:07 (16th overall). Newly “Mastered” Doug Dubrosky was hot on his heels finishing in 57:35 (22nd overall). Both Chris & Doug were 6th in their age groups, “So shouldn’t the awards go 6 deep for a 6.66 mile race?” Suggestion has been duly noted! Josh Dennis, ultra-runner extraordinaire and Philadelphia Inquirer celebrity (see article from 10/13!) came in strong at 59:36. Beth “Wandering Pagoda” Auman, fresh off the Blues Cruise 50k finished great with a time of 1:09:23. Polly Jansen somehow managed to stay upright in the dark & finished in 1:11:22. Dimples “2-races-in-one-day” Dement said “I’m no slacker!” finishing in 1:29:30. Rich Greifer, “King of Illumination” came in at 1:36:00. Petra Krandick jumped right back in after her year of travel finishing in 1:37:22. After the race, the runners shared war stories over beers and accordion music at the Liederkranz’s outdoor pavilion, all happy to have made it through in one piece!

Radnor Red 5k Steeplechase

Next on the docket was the Radnor Red 5k Steeplechase. This unique event had runners posing as horses, scuttling through a series of 12 equestrian obstacles including water hazards, fences and stacked logs. The race, MC’d by the “pink tutu guy,” drew a crowd of 348 runners. This race is also part of the USATF series which the Wanderers are participating in. The Wanderers produced a great line-up including Chris Verry who lit up the course with a time of 20:24, 22nd overall. Susannah Grosso, fresh off the Megatransect 25-miler grabbed 2nd in her age group (3rd overall female!) with a time of 21:39. Fred “Why’d-I-get-outa-bed-for-this?” Kenney (running for the GPATC, but we forgive him!) showed his vigor with a time of 21:49. Polly Jansen pulled off a 22:20, picking up first in her age group. Susan Hurrey, proving that she is indeed “The Great One,” and also coming off the Megatransect came in at 24:22, snagging 2nd in her age group. Jim “Mountainman” Millar, who proclaimed “I hated it!” with a bright smile at the end, finished strong in 27:42, also fresh off the Blues Cruise 50k! Jeff Hayes and Paul Hines (also running for the GPATC) pulled off nice performances, finishing in 17:59 and 19:51 respectively. Susannah, Polly & Susan were awarded with bobble-butt horse trophies (no joke!) for their performances.

Trimax Ridley Creek Park 5 Mile Run

Rounding up the weekend was the Trimax Ridley Creek Park 5 mile run. Our own Doug Dubrosky proved that his new “Master” status is “no sweat,” by finishing 1st in his age group with a time of 36:56. This was the 2nd event in a series of 3 Trimax races. Doug also competed in the first one, which was a 6.5 miler in French Creek Park on 9/28. Not yet a “Master” at the time, Doug proved he could dominate 2 different age groups & picked up 1st in his age group here as well (4th overall) with at time of 47:25. Congrats to Doug & good luck in #3!

Chris Verry

Jeff Hayes

Jim Millar

Petra Krandick

Susan Hurrey

Beth Auman


Polly Jansen


Tammy Leigh Dement

Paul Hines

Fred Kenney

Doug Dubrowsky

Rich Greifer


Photo Gallery (Dark ‘n Dirty and Radnor Steeplechase):