When Melanie Wright reported for duty at the registration table for the Chestnut Hill Cross Country Classic on September 13, the last thing on her mind was to actually run in the race.  Make no mistake.  Melanie is a solid, dependable runner who never quits in a race.  However,  Melanie, with Leslie, make up the best registration duo in the Keystone State,  a fact which is demonstrated every year at the Wissahickon Distance Track meet in August and at the cross country classic.  The 5-k classic, by the way, is organized by the Wanderers in conjunction with Chestnut Hill Academy.

One of the runners Melanie registered at the Cross Country Classic this year was Wanderers newcomer Rich Grayboyes, who was entering his first race ever.  Rich admitted to feeling a little nervous about running the race.  Melanie put down her pen (and the doughnut she was snacking on), laced up her running shoes, and said she would accompany him on the race to make sure he got through the experience alive.  In sunny hot conditions, Melanie proceeded to run with Rich the entire race, and they finished in a very snappy time of 33:33, just behind another former Athlete of the Month Jim Trainor.  For the exceptional support she provided, Melanie has been named Athlete of the Month.