Distance Running Program Starting

The Wanderers have combined with highly respected running coach Susan Pajer to set up a training program for aspiring marathon and half marathon runners.

Susan can help you finish your first marathon, or improve your performance if you are already a veteran marathoner.


Susan PajerSusan and her husband Dave own the Training Zone sports store in Doylestown and have been coaching runners in Bucks County for many years. They get rave reviews from the many runners they have coached including Mea Schiff and Floyd Glenn of the Wanderers. Susan is now setting up a program in the Wissahickon with the Wanderers.

This program is open to all runners, whether Wanderers or not, and to all abilities, from slower beginners to high performance runners.

Here are the facts:

  • Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Class
  • Starts Thursday, June 17th at Forbidden Drive in Fairmount Park. 6:30 pm for approximately 1-1.25 hours.
  • Class moves to Saturday mornings in September. Time to be agreed upon by group.

Training will consist of:

  1. 22 weeks e-coaching weekly detailed running schedule designed for goal event.
  2. Class blog for participants.
  3. Strength Training schedule designed to optimize your running sent weekly with running schedule.
  4. Bi-weekly group running workouts facilitated by Susan. Includes valuable information and demonstration of techniques to enhance your running experience. Susan will guide you through a high quality workout and give you on-the-spot feedback on form.
  5. Unlimited email access for questions, inquiries and advice.


Please bring a check to the first workout. Susan is offering a special group rate of $120 per person — 11 or fewer runners. If you sign up after the program has started, your rate will be prorated.

Wanderers Mea Schiff and Floyd Glenn were coached by Susan before they moved from Doylestown to Roxborough last year. Simply put, Mea and Floyd said Susan Pajer was the very best coach and helped countless runners in the Bucks County area.

Susan sets up individualized programs for each runner, is very knowledgeable, and knows how to prevent injuries.

Questions? Please contact Dan or Susan Pajer directly for more information.