Report by Louis Secreto

This past weekend was the last Pretzel City Sports trail race of year;The Dirty Bird 15k.

The Wanders sent a group to end the season on a high note and to lose any extra weight gained over the Thanksgiving Holiday (which was accomplished by the top of the 1st hill).

We couldn’t have asked for better weather to run in, sunny skies and seasonable temps. As usual, the course was well marked and the water stops manned by cheerful volunteers.

In typical French Creek fashion the Dirty Bird was a challenging course, if we weren’t running up a hill then we were running down a hill to the start next hill. Did I mention that there were hills?

We have to give big “Thank You” to Ron Horn and everyone from the Pretzel City Sports family for a great race! All the runners were given a commemorative pint glass at the finish to drink their favorite post-race beverage out of and ponder the super-fanstic day we all had.

And a HUGE shout out to Anita Zalewski for cheering the runners on and taking some photos of the finish.


Name – Place – Time

DOUG DUBROSKY – 62nd – 1 22:13
ERIK JOHNSON – 50th – 1 20:26
EVANS KEN – 341st – 2 01:08
IRIS MAGID – 313th – 1 55:49
NANCY MUIR – 79th – 1 24:19
LOUIS SECRETO – 5th (1st age group) – 1 07:53
LINN WATSON – 314th – 1 55:55

Finish Photos by Anita Zalewski