Race Report by Anita Zalewski

On April 18, 2009, three Wanderers heeded the call to run 25K over 4222 feet of elevation.  There was a great surprise when we checked in.  Included with our racing number and various items of swag was a reminder that Chris Verry is indeed one important man around Clinton County.

In fact  Chris beamed at us from the cover of the 2009 Visitors Guide.  We could only surmise he must be the new Ambassador of Clinton County.  Chris chose not to race this year and the county was indeed sad without the ambassador.  Chris, Clinton County misses you and wants you back for Megatransect!

The drive to Lock Haven is about 4-6 hours from Philadelphia depending on traffic, Old Country Buffet stops and forgetting one’s purse at the rest stop.  The race itself was really well run and staffed by some of the finest volunteers who ever came out to see Ambassador Verry. Participants were treated to hills called Huff Run, Johnson Run, Garby Trail and the charmingly named SOB Hill.

Huff Run is a great 2 mile uphill which rewards you with a view of Hyner View.  After getting down the escarpment, we had the pleasure of running up the 3 mile Johnson Run which crosses a stream over and over and over again until the runner can no longer bear to navigate the slick rocks and logs and just submits to running through the water.

Apparently Johnson Run ends in Psycho Path which I have no recollection of at all but it could be because my feet were wet and there were still 7 miles to go.  After another well staffed and stocked refreshment stop, we were off to climb Cleveland Hallow then Garby Trail which delights the runner with views of several switchbacks still to be crossed.  As a reward, the last of the significant hills is the SOB climb.  After dodging falling rocks the size of melons, we had a 2+ mile run around a horseshoe before getting to the last water stop and the last decent down the hill.

All joking aside this is a really well run race.  I recommend checking out the organizers’ next race at rothrockchallenge.com

Of the 651 finishers, 3 were Wanderers:

Erik Johnson 3:16:56
Carly Conti 3:58:05
Anita Zalewski 5:01:34

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