His five-month reign as athlete of the month is over! Wanderers thought that Jim Trainer would never be displaced as Athlete of the Month. But in retrospect Jim never had a chance against this month’s recipients……Stephanie Young and her baby daughter Avery!

Stephanie gave birth to Avery at Paoli Hospital on November 30 via a c-section. (The selection committee was a little slow in their deliberations which is why Stephanie and Avery are the January athletes of the month) Avery is reported to be “healthy and happy,” and by the sounds of it athletic. Here are Avery’s birth stats: 8 lbs 1 oz in weight and 21 inches tall. Amazingly both mother and daughter have already commenced road work, and Avery is expected to graduate to the baby stroller in the next couple of months.

Stephanie, meanwhile, is already started working out several times a week. Her goal to compete in this year’s Broad Street Run. No plans yet for her to take on The Belmont Plateau, but that will surely come shortly!