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On Saturday April 4th, sixteen Wanderers participated in the 2nd race of the USATF Trail Series race at Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA.

Read on for results, thoughts and photos.


Race Results:

Wissahickon Wanderers Results

Chris Moore 43:26 Noah AnStraus 55:19
Noah Shusterman 43:35 Steve Sloan 55:48
Chris Verry 46:15 Tim Ellis 57:26
Helen Cheung 46:27 (2nd female) Rachel Liskey 1:00:56
Doug Dubrosky 48:29 Jim Millar 1:05:03
Polly Jansen 48:46 (3rd in age group) Corbin Evans 1:09:02
Randy Clever 51:55 Ken Evans 1:13:26
Barb Gorka 53:45 (1st in age group) Branwen Ellis 1:13:27

GPATC Results

Jeff Hayes  41:03 (1st in age group)   and   Bob Reynolds  44:07 (3rd in age group)

302 finishers – 10 USATF members ran for the Wanderers putting us 4th out of 5 clubs who scored in this race for the Mid Atlantic Off-Road Series. Next up is the Trail Triple Crown on April 25th.

Thoughts by Wanderers:

Corbin Evans: “As a first time trail race runner AND finisher I was overwhelmed with the experience. How could running be any more fun?! I was so impressed with the organization of the race and the friendliness of the competition. The race gave me a new appreciation for hills and how to train for them. I have listened to my Dad talk over the last few years about this trail racing thing and I am only sorry I didn’t get involved sooner. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Chris Moore: “It’s darn nice to be back (running that is)

Polly Jansen: “Perhaps the most notable happenings were after the race when Noah A.’s car had to be towed out of the mud & we found Bob’s key also stuck in the mud!  Times are never dull for the Wanderers!

Race Photos:

The photos below were taken by volunteers and originally posted on the Delco RRC website.