Ah, the weekend after Thanksgiving…while many are contemplating creative ways to consume those leftovers (turkey/sweet potato/cranberry sauce smoothies, mashed-potato/gravy bon-bons, etc.), the Wanderers like to erase that extra holiday cheer the way they know best: trail race!

Yes, the Dirty Bird 15k has become as standard as pumpkin pie.

This year, 7 Wanderers ventured out to appropriately named Birdsboro, PA to play amongst the leaf-covered rocks (of treachery!) and the shoe-sucking mud.

Here’s how they fared:

  • Erik Johnson 1:22:41
  • Beth Auman 1:32:59
  • Chris Verry 1:17:18
  • Anita Zalewski 2:04:17
  • Polly Jansen 1:22:33 1st in AG 
  • Doug Dubrosky 1:21:15
  • Chris Linn 1:21:27


All escaped with minor damage, though Chris V. managed to fall uphill several times while flipping a rock into his leg (no doubt with grace and flair)!

Also, a strange phenomenon was occurring in the sky, namely bright sunshine and mid 50’s temps! What?! An anomaly for a Wanderers or Pretzel City event! Wanderers took full advantage of the fair conditions and displayed their mastery of the trails with style.

Way to go, kids…you’ve earned those chocolate-chip/stuffing cookies!

Event Photos: