Helen Cheung has won the women’s division in several races in her career, a couple of 5k’s, one of the USATF trail races, even a marathon. But she has never won a race at home in the Wissahickon. She has come close finishing second in last year’s Wissahickon Classic.

But that all changed this past Saturday when Helen finished first among the women at the 4th Annual Wissahickon Trail Classic in a time of 44:59.

Daryl Weaver (see right) of Lancaster County was the top finisher overall, winning the Classic for the second straight year. Daryl finished in 37:14 almost a half a minute faster than second place finisher David Roche of Millington, MD.

About 450 runners competed in the 10k at the trail classic with another 25 walkers in the 5k walk.

At the trail classic, the Wanderers defended their home turf with honor!

Here is the line-up and how they fared:

10th — Jeff Hayes in 41:15 (Jeff is on loan to the Philadelphia Running Club)
20th — Matt Joosse (in his last race before starting military duty) in 42:34
23rd — Pete Michner in 42:46
24th — Noah Shusterman in 42:51
28th — Bob Reynolds (also on loan to the Philadelphia Running Club) in 43:17
35th — Paul Hines (also on loan) in 44:41
36th — Helen Cheung in 44:59
40th — Stephen Malloy in 45:58
48th — Chris Verry in 46:40
51st — Polly Jansen in 47:19
86th — Stephanie Young in 50:07
116th — Randy Clever in 52:04
147th — Noah Anstraus in 54:09
252nd — Corbin Evans in 1:01:25
269th — Judy Broadley in 1:02:18 – Noah AnStraus’ girlfriend, Judy had never run on trails…AND had never run a race… until the Trail Classic!! SOMEHOW she was still smiling at the end and did NOT punch Noah in the face! Way to go, Judy!!!
399th — Kelsey Evans in 1:15:32
400th — Ken Evans in 1:15:33

A big THANKS to Phil Ranly, WRV, Wanderers, and all the other volunteers for organizing and running the event. It was a great day!! All for the benefit of the Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers.

Daryl Weaver accepts his award.