The Wanderers starred in all facets of the Wissahickon Trail Classic held on June 7. First let’s talk about the results. They were impressive.

Matt Joose finished 9th for the Wanderers in a field of almost 500 runners. He was timed in 42 minutes and 6 seconds over the hilly five mile course. Jeff Hayes was right on his heels in 10th place (second in his age category) in a time of 42:24. The Trail Master Bob Reynolds was not far behind in 18th (second in his age category as well) in 43:47.

Helen Cheung was the second female finisher (and first in her age category) in a time of 46:27. Noah Shusterman finshed 28th in 45:57. Chris Verry did great finishing 44th overall in 50:12. Polly Jansen was second in her age category and 58th overall in 51:29.

Another impressive performer for the Wanderers was Paul Michner who came in 25th in 45:24. Fred Kenney, who is battling back from injuries, finished a strong 74th in 53:31 and James Millar looked really good finishing in 1:06:14.

Stephanie Young produced a super performance after being away from racing on maternity leave with a time of 56:21 good for 107th, while Doug Dubrosky came in 123rd in 57:50. Matt Mauren pulled into the finish in 165th in 1:01:13. Debra Resnick nailed down a fourth in her age group with a time of 1:06:32. Tammy Leigh Dement finished in 1:10:04.

But the biggest star was Phil Ranly. Phil was race director. He laid out the course with Adam Davey, Chris and Polly. He raised money and organized the event for the Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers. Phil put in months of hard work on the race, and it showed. The race went very smoothly. Despite the heat and humidity, runners seemed to be very happy with the event. Chris, Polly, and Tammy also worked hard organizing the event as well as Adam and Phil.