The Athlete of the Month for February is a family affair.  The award goes to all 12-members of the Wanderers team who competed in the Ugly Mudder 7.25 mile trail race on February 28.  Field conditions were extremely ugly, a foot deep snow with many icy sections.  No Matter!  Our team pulled their “Yak Trax” and attacked. 

Here are our athletes of the month:

Phil Ranly, Louis Secreto, Judy Broadley, Anita Zalewski, Erik Johnson, Polly Jansen, Chris Verry,  Lisa Franciotti,  Noah AnStraus, Beth Auman, Doug Dubrosky, Mugh MacMullan (and Jeff Hayes and Paul Hines for good measure for their performance for the Philadelphia Athletic Charities team).

These were all heroic performances.  By the way, our team did very well with many age group awards.


From left to right: Christopher Verry, Polly Jansen, Noah AnStraus, Phil Ranly,
Louis Secreto, Judy Broadley, Douglas Dubrosky, Hugh MacMullan IV