By Road Kill

With the fall race season upon us, Wanderers have been traveling all over the place to perform heroics. Certainly, the big story is Sharon Schmidt-Mongrain heading out to Hawaii for the World Championships Ironman (web site ») on October 10.


This is the big time!!! Sharon has excelled at the triathlon winning and finishing high up in all sorts of triathlons from sprint up to half ironman. With the world championships, Sharon is stepping up to the full ironman!! Sharon admitted to being “a little nervous and a lot excited,” and gave a preview of the race.


“As for training and expectations…The Ironman World Championship will be my first full-ironman distance race. Since I’ve never raced this kind of distance before (sometimes I’m not even awake for as long as I could be racing), I have no idea what to expect out of my body. Therefore, my goal isn’t a time but rather to get across the finish line while being lucid enough to appreciate and enjoy the experience! Hopefully I can stick to my plan of pacing at a reasonable level early on in the bike and run to have enough left in the tank for those last miles. Training has been long, hard, and on some days, lonely. It’s been very wet, too!”

Here is the world championship web page: All Wanderers will be rooting for Sharon on October 10.

Official website links: the course and athlete tracker (Sharon’s bib # is 1610)

The Great One and Maureen in Ireland

Meanwhile in other Wanderer news: The Great One and Maureen Mignona traveled to Ireland for a week of bicycling in the southwestern part of the country. A great time was had by all although the first few days could be described as “wet” and “windy”. Susan got right down to business upon her return to the U.S. She ran in Adirondack Marathon in late September with Farah Marasigan. The course around Schroon Lake was apparently beautiful….and also quite hilly. Susan posted a very respectable time of 4:30, while Farah was timed in an also respectable 4:49. Susan is not through yet. She is traveling to Bald Eagle Mountain in Central Pennsylvania in early October for the dreaded Megatransect 25-mile trail race. Her report is being eagerly awaited.

50 Miles…

Not to be outdone, the trail master Bob Reynolds is traveling to Western Pennsylvania for the Oil Creek Trail Runs where he will be running the 50 mile race. The race is set for October 10 and 11. (Having the race scheduled for two days has an ominous sound) Here is the web site, which makes for great reading, but a little scary running!: Good luck Bob!

The Evans

Closer to home, Ken and Corbin Evans have a full schedule of races. Here is a thumbnail scetch of their activities supplied by Ken. “We ran the 5 mile Wascally Wabbit Twail Wun in Ridley Creek State Park. Nice run – nice trails – well organized, but only about 110 runners showed. Next Cor and I are running the Great Eastern State Prison Break Out (neighborhood race) on Oct 10; on Oct 11 I was going to run the Delaware Distance Run (15K) in Wilmington but not sure how long the knee injury will hold me out. After that, October 17 is the 7 mile Ghouls and Fools – Ron Horn’s nighttime trail race and then on October 25 a 10 mile trail race, the Evansburgh Challenge.”

Ken is suffering from a “grumpy” knee and his schedule is subject to change.


I am sure that there are many, many more Wanderer performances in the last few and upcoming few weeks, but that is all we are aware of right now.