A woman was attacked while jogging alone in the Wissahickon park between 8:30 am and 9:00 am on Monday 4/11/2011. The attack was of a sexual nature and the woman was able to break free from her attacker.

Please consider donating to the arrest Reward. Details: TakeBackTheWissahickon.com

The attacker has been identified as a Hispanic male thin build approximately 5’11” with broad shoulders (see the official Police collage below). He was wearing a black hoodie and it is unknown what color pants/sweatpants he was wearing. Despite the official report, the location has been confirmed to be on the trail that runs next to Cresheim Creek, about 1/2 mile away from the new pedestrian bridge near McCallum Street.

The Police contact information can be found in this bulletin (PDF).

The person above is responsible for 4 rapes and 1 rape/murder: case 1 behind the rowing finish-line building on Kelly drive, case 2 on the little road from the Falls Bridge up to Belmont Plateau, case 3 also near the Falls bridge, and case 4 in Pennypack Park in NE Philly. For additional details, refer to the Police poster (jpg).