Race Report by Louis Secreto

This past Saturday morning (4/30/’11) was the Triple Crown in White Clay, Delaware, the 3rd race of the USATF off-road series. The weather was cool, but the sun peaked out from behind the clouds every so often to remind us that it is indeed spring.

The Wanderers sent a large, well-represented group down to contest this trail race. From the group that ventured down only one Wanderer had done this race and naturally the course had been changed, but just a little. From what I remember mountain biking there; it’s tight, twisty and flowing with no major hills. The only thing that means to me…..FAST!

Up front, the start was a DRAG race to hit the woods first. I happened to be sandwiched between 2 runners from Rosemont & 2 runners from New Balance (and how I finished). What made the first part of the race fun (and I say that loosely) was the fact that the marathon and 1/2 marathoners were still out on course running at us. Throw in a few mud pits/sections and logs you starting wondering if you’re running a steeplechase. I couldn’t tell what was happening behind me but soon it was just me and one of the new balance runners trying to stay in contact with the lead 3 runners. The last 2 hills where like nails in the coffin and the only thing I think about was “really…really…come on!” I imagine that sentiment was echoed by many many runners. We were rewarded for our run with a BBQ picnic lunch provided by the some of the nicest volunteers (they were from a church after all) I’ve encountered in awhile!

While we did have a great turnout, some of our runners were noticeably absent; Sharon was preparing for her upcoming tri, and Raul was getting ready for Broad St.

I can say that besides being a little muddy, the Wanderers had a great day.

Chris Moore 41:39 12place
Pete Michener 41:52 15 place
Louis Secreto 38:30 5 place (1st Master)
Bob Reynolds 43:26 18 place (GPTC) you WILL join us from the dark side!
Kristina Victoreen 56:01 71place
Floyd Glenn 1:07:18 153 place
Mea Schiff 1:20:42 185 place
Linn Watson 1:03:53 131 place (first time scoring points)
Clay Wells 1:02:45 121 place
Eric Johnson 47:36 27 place
Anita Zalewski 1:16:71 182 place
Judy Broadley 56:33 78 place

We are sitting comfortably in 4th place not far behind Greater Philly TC, only 57.54 points behind. Hopefully we’ll have a surprise Wanderer re-joining us for the Trail Classic!