The fall trail running series wraps up in the Wissahickon with the final race on September 24.

Doug Dubrosky and Jim Millar will be teaming up as race directors on September 24.

Alex Ochman was at the controls for the September 17 race.  His course lead runners through the upper meadows in the northwest section of the Wissahickon.

Almost 25 runners participated in the September 10 race, laid out by Road Kill.  All the runners looked good, but Louis Secreto especially so. Louis was the first runner home in a time of 25:08.  The hilly course was estimated at 3.5 miles.

The trail master Bob Reynolds was in charge of the September 3 (Fall 2009 1/4) race.  Results are posted here »

The very unofficial results (Fall 2009 Trail Series 2/4) are listed below:

1st Louis Secreto 25:08:00
2nd Matt Palombaro 26:06:00
3rd Bob Reynolds 27:12:00
3rd tie Noah Shusterman 27:12:00
5th Chris Verry 27:36:00
6th Chris Linn 28:56:00
7th Rob Lange 29:02:00
8th Erik Johnson 29:05:00
9th Chris Weisbrot 29:50:00
10th Rob Kafes 32:20:00
11th Fred Kenney 32:25:00
12th Helen Cheung 32:51:00
12th tie Polly Jansen 32:51:00
14th Kevin McGovern 34:40:00
15th Corbin Evans 35:50:00
16th William Towamak 35:56:00
16th tie Molly Harper 35:56:00
18th Ken Evans 35:50:00
19th Caroline L. 40:51:00
21st Petra Kretschmann 45:50:00
22nd Anita Zalewski 48:37:00
22nd tie Rich Greifer 48:37:00