In order to prevent SPAM bots from ‘scraping’ our site, we have changed the registration process.  While a little more cumbersome, we have added a step to the process that we feel will virtually guarantee that malicious spammers cannot access our site.

The registration process now requires that a Wanderer moderator review and approve a registration request before that user is granted access to the website.

We have also gone through the entire list of existing (registered) users and deleted all the ones that looked suspicious to us. If we accidentally deleted your account and you are unable to log in, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please just re-register.

So the registration process is now as follows:

  1. People fill out the Registration form. The form now also asks a (required) question regarding their motivation for signing up.
  2. That user is then sent an email where they must click a link to validate their email address. This step will avert 99% of spammers, but not all.
  3. If the email checks out and ppl responded, then the Wanderers moderators are sent an email requesting to approve that user.
  4. The new user’s info is then manually reviewed by one of us and either approved or else denied access. We will determine validity of the request based on the name and other information they supplied upon registering.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.