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Race report by “Road Kill”

The Wissahickon Distance Track meet really was a case where you had to be there to believe it.  There were the performances, the food, the superb support, and quite a bit more. But I will try my best to describe it.

As far as the races, there were many stars.  But there were two performers who stood out as true men of iron…Tom Haxton and Phil Harris Jr.  Tom pulled off an impressive trifecta winning the half mile in 2:10, then the 3000 meters in 9:22 and finishing the evening ‘s work with a victory in the 5000 meters in 16:13.

Phil certainly got his money’s worth at the distance track meet by running in each event…the mile, the quarter mile, the half mile, the 3000 meters, the 5000 meters as well as the medley relay at the end.

Other winners were Chuck Shields in the mile and Remus Furr in the quarter mile who nipped Jordan May by a hundredth of a second to take first place in 54:58.  Chuck came back to grab second place in the half mile.  Joe Fulcher won the second heat of the 400 meters while Paul Upshur took the third heat.  Juan Medina won the second heat of the mile run.

All runners from the Back on My Feet running club, who participated in the track meet, did a super job.

But the athletic performances tell only half of the story,  actually really only a third of the story.  The performance-enhancing cuisine supplied by Wanderers chefs was excellent and earned rave reviews.  Bin Ruiter cooked his traditional (beef) brisket and pulled pork, and Corbin Evans delivered his trademark New Orleans Gumbo.  Lola supplied the pasta, and for dessert Petra whipped up some Kakaobuskuitboden and Birnenmuerteteigkuchen (these are German cakes in case you did not know).

Then there were the volunteers, and here there were some superb performances.  Dave Thomas won the Wanderers Lifesaver Award for showing up and taking charge of the timing duties.  Without Dave, chaos would have surely ensued.  Kyle Mecklenburg, borrowed from the Philadelphia Masters, did a great job overseeing operations.  Lola, Melanie, Tom Peters and Bronagh Ni Chonaill presided expertly over the registration desk, while Fred Kenney, Matt Palombaro, Chris Moore, Marc Zisselman and others assisted at the finish line.  Jonas Harding as race starter was the ring master of the whole circus.

To top it off, the track meet got coverage on Fox 29 News that night!  Everyone was a star!






Photo Albums (3): 1-Fenn (143), 2-Polly (30), and 3-Jan (10 bbq pics)

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