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NOTE: all news and race reports AFTER MAY, 2008 can be found here »


2007 Event Title (date added) 

Pieman Wraps Up Stellar First Year of Cyclo Competition (Dec '07)

Wissahickon Trail Maintenance Effort Continues (Dec '07)

Wanderers Work Off Thanksgiving Dinner at Dirty Bird (Dec '07)

Philadelphia Marathon accounts (Dec '07)

Wanderers Celebrate First Official Wanderer Wedding (Oct '07)

Gettin' the Shirt Out In Germany (Oct '07)

Barbara Gorka and Josh Dennis Excel at Vermont 50-miler (Oct '07)

2007 Bald Eagle Mountain Megatransect (by Brian McKenna) (Oct '07)

2007 Bald Eagle Mountain Megatransect (by Bob Reynolds) (Oct '07)

The Endura Sport Half Triathlon (Oct '07)

Despite Steroids, "Smoke Happens" Denied Podium Placement (Aug '07)

Lots of Winners at the Wanderers All Comers Distance Track Meet (Aug. '07)

Wanderers’ Trail Enthusiasts Display Their Grit at the Half-Wit Half (Aug. '07)

July Athlete of the Month: Jim Trainor (Aug. '07)

Mid-Summer Sports Round-Up: Reynolds, Martin, Verry, Jansen and newcomer Muessig Excel (Aug. '07)

Bike Philly 2007 (Aug. '07)

Wanderer Distance Track Meet Returns August 21 @ 6:30 pm (Aug. '07)

Wanderers Explore Grand Canyon (Aug. '07)

Matt Joosse Breaks Speed Barrier at Marsh Creek (Aug. '07)

Opportunity to Make A Difference (Running with the Homeless) (Aug. '07)

Wanderers Explore Grand Canyon (Aug. '07)

CROSSFIT NOMINATED...Cast Your Vote (July '07)

Wanderers Pick Up Hardware At Philadelphia Women's Triathlon & Duathlon (July '07)

Wanderers Profile: Rich Greifer (July '07)

Chance to Participate in Marathon Study (July '07)

Wanderers Make Tracks at the Double Trouble (July '07)

Depleted Wanderers Corps Produce Goods at Grandma's Marathon (June '07)

Wanderers Bike to Preserve Lancaster County Farmland (June '07)

NY Roadrunners NY Women's Mini Marathon (June '07)

Runners Survive May Trail Series…. by The Mad Doc (June '07)

Thursday's Trail Series Pictures by Fred Kenney (June '07)

Charlie Horse Trail Half-Marathon Race Report (May '07)

Wanderers Display Nerves of Steel at Memorial Day Weekend Triathlon (May '07)

Wanderers Profile: Dawn Fantasia (May '07)

2nd Annual Trail Classic Set for June 2nd (May '07)

Spring 2007 Trail Series (May '2007)

Wanderers Kick Butt at Broad Street (May '07)

Wanderers Take on the Lenape Challenge (May '07)

Triple Crown Trail Race: Sharon Rules!!! (May '07)

Wanderer Profile: Brian McKenna (Apr. '07)

Germantown Coach to the Rescue! (Apr. '07)

Wanderers Prevail at the Boston Marathon (Apr. '07)

Wanderers Rock at the Tyler Arboretum 10k! (Apr. '07)

Wanderers Rarin' To Go At Boston Marathon (Apr. '07)

Wanderers Looking Good at Caesar Rodney (Mar. '07)

Wanderers Go Coast-To-Coast To Run Toughest Trail Races (Mar. '07)

Wanderers Invade New York (Al Gordon Snowflake 4 Miler) (Mar. '07)

Mellon Stair Climb Report by Petra (Mar. '07)

February's Athlete of the Month (Mar. '07)

Wanderers Show Their Strength at This Year’s Ugly Mudder (Mar. '07)

Move Over King Kong, Kristina and Mike Conquer Empire State! (Feb. '07)

Wanderers Prevail at Chilly Cheeks Trail Race (Jan.'07)

Wanderers Do Rock (don't miss this concert!) (Jan. '07)

Trail Maintenance Crew Dispatched (Jan. '07)

Dennis is a Celebrity! (Road Runner Sports) (Jan '07)

Wanderers Travel to British Virgin Islands For Training Camp (Jan '07)

Look Out World, Here Come the Wanderers! ('07 USA Track and Field Trail Series and application) (Jan. '07)

New Year's Resolutions (Jan. '07)


Archive: [current news] [2008] [2007] [2006] [2005] [2004] [2003] [2002] [2001]

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